The company's management philosophy, which is based on quality and quality, is constantly improving the innovation ability and quality assurance ability of the products.
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In order to protect your interests, relieve your worries. The company in accordance with the national three guarantees of electronic products, to provide you with a quality guarantee service for the next year!

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Failure or damage to the product under the following conditions, whether or not within the free warranty period, is not covered by the free warranty:

● Failure or damage caused by the assembly, repair, modification or disassembly of our service organization, personnel (the machine tamper-evident label has been removed, damaged or lost);

● Failure or damage caused by the use of non-King company licensed parts;

● Failure or damage caused by the use of non-King company's special product function software;

● Failure or damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, etc.);

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