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​Face recognition attendance machine has entered the market extensively

Issuing time:2019-08-07 00:00

At present, face recognition attendance machines have been widely used in commercial finance, monitoring management, work attendance and other fields, and people are gradually entering an era of face-to-face punching.

Over the years, many companies and departments have installed face recognition attendance machines to solve the problem of long-term attendance and control. A lot of work was carried offline to the line, which greatly saved the approval time and work efficiency, and increased the synergy of the company's digital office.

Face recognition attendance machine can improve the ability of enterprise attendance management, accurately grasp the attendance of employees, attendance rate of various departments, effectively manage and control the flow of personnel, realize data statistics and improve personnel management.


At the same time, it also provides employees with convenient attendance methods. Employees can use the face recognition attendance machine to punch in and out, which can record attendance time, location, photo feedback problems and so on. Company managers can also grasp the employee attendance status in real time through the data side, and improve the efficiency of enterprise attendance management.

Therefore, enterprises should fully recognize the importance of face recognition attendance machine for improving the information and attendance management of enterprises, accelerate the integration of enterprise attendance management and face recognition attendance machine, and promote enterprise information management.

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